By the end of 12 months, your child might:

• Try imitating speech sounds
• Say a few words, such as "dada," "mama" and "uh-oh"
• Understand simple instructions, such as "Come here"
• Recognize words for common items, such as "shoe"
• Turn and look in the direction of sounds

By the end of 18 months, your child might:

• Recognize names of familiar people, objects and body parts
• Follow simple directions accompanied by gestures
• Say as many as 10 words

By the end of 24 months, your child might:

• Use simple phrases, such as "more milk"
• Ask one- to two-word questions, such as "Go bye-bye?"
• Follow simple commands and understand simple questions
• Speak about 50 or more words
• Speak well enough to be understood at least half the time by you or other primary caregivers