Children under 3

Historically and ethically, Speech Therapists do not work with children under the age of three, as this is seen as a period of development where the child can catch up with delayed skills. Another reason is that no amount of once-a-week therapy can be as effective as one-on-one intervention with the primary caregiver on a daily basis for these young minds. However, more recent findings have shown that certain delays and disorders which manifest before age three do not automatically remediate themselves and intervention is clearly needed. For this reason I have developed a language stimulation home program resource, which is available as a pdf document. I also offer custom made home programs, made for your child following a basic online assessment. Please email me for more information 


Often, untreated speech and language issues lead to potential academic issues, emotional instability (the risk of being teased by other children) and poor self-confidence (children may feel “different” or “dumb” if they communicate differently). Early intervention = best possible outcome